Lua Work area

This is the repository of work versions, release candidates, and other pre-releases of Lua.

There are none at the moment. See the latest releases below.

If you have arrived here by accident, start here.

If you are looking for released versions, check out the download area.

All files are distributed under this license. Check their checksums to confirm the integrity of the packages.

Latest releases

Lua 5.4.1 was released on 9 Oct 2020. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.4. See the diffs.

Lua 5.3.6 was released on 25 Sep 2020. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.3. See the diffs.

Lua 5.4.0 was released on 29 Jun 2020. It is the first release of Lua 5.4.

Get a copy of these releases here.