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There is an active and friendly mailing list for discussing Lua called lua-l. The list is one of the focal points of the Lua community. Everyone is welcome to join.

The list is open for discussions on all subjects directly related to Lua, including the language, its uses, its implementation, and also for announcements, requests for help, and special job offers.

The list has been in continuous operation for over 25 years. It has over 2800 subscribers from all over the world, including several Lua experts and the Lua team. Over 140000 messages have been posted since the list was created in 1997. All messages sent to the list are archived. You can read and search the archive at and at MARC.

For discussions in Portuguese, join Lua BR.


To post a message to the list, use the address mentioned on the list page. You must subscribe before posting.

Be careful when replying to a message posted to the list, because your reply will be sent to the whole list, instead of just to the author. To avoid mixing threads, do not use a reply to start another thread: send a brand new message instead.

Post attachments only when they are small; otherwise put them in a web site and post the URL instead. Messages with large attachments will be rejected automatically.

Everyone is welcome to post, but please get acquainted with the netiquette of the list, especially the part about doing your homework before asking questions. In particular, check whether your question has already been asked (and probably answered) by searching the archive. See also the FAQ and the community-maintained LuaFaq and uFAQ.


Please take a moment and read some useful information on mailing list netiquette. An important part of netiquette is learning how to quote previous posts, how to ask questions effectively, and how to report bugs effectively. If you need help with code, learn how to prepare a short example. For background information on netiquette, see RFC1855.

Send only plain text messages to the list. Avoid HTML messages and multipart/alternative MIME messages (some mail programs send HTML versions of your messages by default; you may not even be aware that you are sending HTML messages, so learn how to turn this off).


To subscribe to the list, visit the list page or send a subscribe message to the list server.

You must subscribe before posting. You can only post from the address you have subscribed. Postings from an unsubscribed address will be rejected automatically. To be able to post from a different address, subscribe again using that address and turn off delivery for it.


To unsubscribe from the list, visit the list page or send an unsubscribe message to the list server.

If you have trouble unsubscribing, seek help. Don't send unsubscribe requests to the list.


You can manage your subscription to the list by visiting the list page and the options page. You can also send a message to the list server.

The list is managed by Mailman. For information about interacting with Mailman, see its user documentation and the members FAQ.

If you have problems with the list that cannot be fixed by the methods described in these documents, contact lua-l-owner at

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