Lua Work area

This is the repository of work versions, release candidates, and other pre-releases of Lua.

If you have arrived here by accident, start here. If you are looking for released versions, check out the download area.

Lua 5.2.4

We are getting ready to release Lua 5.2.4, a bug-fix release of Lua 5.2.

filename date size checksums

lua-5.2.4-rc1.tar.gz[NEW] 2015-02-26 252651 md5: 913fdb32207046b273fdb17aad70be13
sha1: ef15259421197e3d85b7d6e4871b8c26fd82c1cf

diffs-lua-5.2.3-5.2.4.txt 2015-02-26 14572 md5: e1c4acccd34958af33e708d70aecf45f
sha1: 3e1d83b059dcd4d90a2bf94c54791310d46077b1

Lua 5.3.0

Lua 5.3.0 was released on 12 Jan 2015. It is the first release of Lua 5.3. Get a copy here. [NEW]

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