Lua Work area

This is the repository of work versions, release candidates, and other pre-releases of Lua, which typically follow this path:

The later stages include release candidates to help squash remaining glitches.

All feedback is welcome; please send your comments to the mailing list.

If you have arrived here by accident, start here. If you are looking for released versions, check out the download area.

All files are distributed under this license. Check their checksums to confirm the integrity of the packages.

Lua 5.3.0

We are currently working on Lua 5.3.0, the next version of Lua.

Download the latest work version below and try it now. Read a preview of the documentation.

[!] All details may change in the final version.

filename date size checksums

lua-5.3.0-alpha.tar.gz[NEW] 2014-07-31 273486 md5: 2922a0c3b64c8a2f678d2510b7a5a336
sha1: b2f86c16a38310c9e240c70216618308097444f6

lua-5.3.0-work3.tar.gz 2014-06-19 270189 md5: 4d50bbe8a2dffa5764caa099d2fa5d6b
sha1: ea5061a02f7b9f526562cda21ffa6fcf8c2f1ea9

lua-5.3.0-work2.tar.gz 2014-03-21 261811 md5: 52bd13d0b40f637bc388a133b9bb8771
sha1: e52ea0acf4b2d7bf042f48bd01dddc149d517184

lua-5.3.0-work1.tar.gz 2013-07-06 255176 md5: d4053ee55741eab5ecd7061326577586
sha1: ce71e80a24d1232f42d3afbdc1b034b0877f532b

lua-5.3.alpha-tests.tar.gz 2014-07-31 90009 md5: 1b7ee1fbb357ed185f19383de9d4626a
sha1: c97fdf834a6c052d47c617ae846aa3a459ed3608

lua-5.3.w3-tests.tar.gz 2014-06-20 88723 md5: ee31bdb1474cba838d05922f03a505bf
sha1: 7e927313149623f93b0cd88224f4d97115183f88

lua-5.3.w2-tests.tar.gz 2014-03-21 85026 md5: bd00cdb1a59451bf7337a3039ba77736
sha1: 0f0ec5bd476f1617c6000fed68941476c1f21d30

diffs-lua-5.3.0-work3-alpha.txt 2014-07-31 96166 md5: 1e0fb5781c2d95e57c1f7813ab6d90e3
sha1: b08251a8782aeee0da3abc63cc387d27e7682a41

diffs-lua-5.3.0-work2-work3.txt 2014-06-19 178612 md5: 9254bbd23fda4380c6d830050e86712f
sha1: d95aa1c92b2eb4c07e2094d04507e2c6e2a97176

diffs-lua-5.3.0-work1-work2.txt 2014-03-21 240857 md5: 2a3e160605885f81e17b8300eeacca01
sha1: 6adf1f86c1d43fb34eb956fa049a80951d78f3b4

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