Lua Work area

This is the repository of work versions, release candidates, and other pre-releases of Lua.

We are getting ready to release Lua 5.3.3, a bug-fix release of Lua 5.3.
Try the latest release candidate below. All feedback is welcome.

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All files are distributed under this license. Check their checksums to confirm the integrity of the packages.

Lua 5.3.3

filename date size checksums
lua-5.3.3-rc3.tar.gz [NEW] 2016-05-30 294290 md5: 703f75caa4fdf4a911c1a72e67a27498
sha1: a0341bc3d1415b814cc738b2ec01ae56045d64ef
lua-5.3.3-rc2.tar.gz 2016-05-18 294108 md5: cb9ae0c2cacc623aeba05357b90e6ae7
sha1: fe3aeba20a38d941ac2bfbdee25abd2a1970f129
lua-5.3.3-rc1.tar.gz 2016-05-04 294140 md5: facc49a32fed3ec14291677eb95abc1b
sha1: 0b4ad25b4623541b2a60cec96bf880d28e63e156
lua-5.3.3-tests.tar.gz 2016-05-30 102562 md5: 76f4fb07f2a4970d554645ac26df86df
sha1: 2d95b703222677dfaf56b84c199ccb2161bb1bb7
diffs-lua-5.3.3-rc2-rc3.html 2016-05-30 5684 md5: 5dce3e5d68535154888012a17c9086f1
sha1: 0b3f9c8d72faffa0aaa40923473988b1d44ad0c0
diffs-lua-5.3.3-rc2-rc3.txt 2016-05-30 3336 md5: db5c3073d03a33ec0713263a402e3f57
sha1: b29a6aad954e599d0b08345f44cfd794d84a56c3
diffu-lua-5.3.3-rc2-rc3.html 2016-05-30 7610 md5: a6fbdcf74b19b8a75eeae726ef5e5195
sha1: 20f4c9841831892f0080f0abe204063138ab2359
diffu-lua-5.3.3-rc2-rc3.txt 2016-05-30 5684 md5: b1c9bb1e7cc0a3f661cb94d304d4eecd
sha1: 82b557c52a1c33f745fbc2e83abf8a55915bde1b
diffs-lua-5.3.3-rc1-rc2.html 2016-05-18 5586 md5: b808d4d99b2fea227dad9b5d9e238e8f
sha1: 290f94851125381eae92e25949cb937596795a74
diffs-lua-5.3.3-rc1-rc2.txt 2016-05-18 3373 md5: aeb6ec8ef97b8676c9139251a80d2b20
sha1: 90d09849e3ef7dcb502909cbe53fa1aef72176f7
diffu-lua-5.3.3-rc1-rc2.html 2016-05-18 8336 md5: b9625bbc54591971d3d9be045a86fc46
sha1: dc5e50d832ae160c4e66e0ebd4dabf88e2583fe0
diffu-lua-5.3.3-rc1-rc2.txt 2016-05-18 6477 md5: 1ee1044b5c6b60b24b25723bda209476
sha1: 6b3cae6ec3823dba2aaf2ceb59d5d1bea487d951
diffs-lua-5.3.2-lua-5.3.3-rc1.html 2016-05-04 150030 md5: 71e74cac8da1315873d3b18f3728c656
sha1: 96a83887365e2f225f608291af74ba18dac470be
diffs-lua-5.3.2-lua-5.3.3-rc1.txt 2016-05-04 89949 md5: 8311b4e6e7f9e8349524db1c76c34006
sha1: 448e19b3a0f510f7c8b9a78dcaae60ff66f76635
diffu-lua-5.3.2-lua-5.3.3-rc1.html 2016-05-04 204175 md5: 39c3c3a97e2c618d0312a5edccdeefc9
sha1: 1ef890a1c294b5beed45483e61a8244b50d38d3e
diffu-lua-5.3.2-lua-5.3.3-rc1.txt 2016-05-04 142642 md5: deba76f0cb590ab578f0235ec562df18
sha1: 5844c2a1544d06cb2a40868654cf3a374f1cfe05

Latest releases

Lua 5.3.2 was released on 30 Nov 2015. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.3.

Lua 5.3.1 was released on 17 Jun 2015. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.3.

Lua 5.2.4 was released on 07 Mar 2015. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.2.

Lua 5.3.0 was released on 12 Jan 2015. It is the first release of Lua 5.3.

Get a copy of these releases here.