Lua Work area

This is the repository of work versions, release candidates, and other pre-releases of Lua.

We are getting ready to release Lua 5.3.2, a bug-fix release of Lua 5.3.
Try the latest release candidate below. All feedback is welcome.

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All files are distributed under this license. Check their checksums to confirm the integrity of the packages.

Lua 5.3.2

filename date size checksums
lua-5.3.2-rc2.tar.gz [NEW] 2015-11-25 288235 md5: 33278c2ab5ee3c1a875be8d55c1ca2a1
sha1: 7a47adef554fdca7d0c5536148de34579134a973
lua-5.3.2-rc1.tar.gz 2015-11-18 287315 md5: 1d7df444f167a039c274bb4a78468ff5
sha1: 8b0d7cc745743484565cc62f33b5290bace15996
lua-5.3.2-tests.tar.gz 2015-11-25 101342 md5: a2b7ab1b8ff82a0145376e233ef30a4a
sha1: 87ecda2bd47366d5e79b41fe676aa31e44ff6ce1
diffs-lua-5.3.2-rc1-rc2.html 2015-11-25 21869 md5: 358d1d56c6f1cd649899622ddf33b8c9
sha1: 2c8d6db05dfda2297d09cbe13f13a37da8eb7525
diffu-lua-5.3.2-rc1-rc2.html 2015-11-25 31147 md5: a04f6a812da63ee773b8ad436ede9117
sha1: 1c65c2ea5798fec5222db78eff394fc0c53cf8a4
diffs-lua-5.3.2-rc1-rc2.txt 2015-11-25 14231 md5: ba72ab90729e0e3f84bb64f8acec46c6
sha1: c470587104fa7f10321a87e9f1e01b4e3e7da1f0
diffu-lua-5.3.2-rc1-rc2.txt 2015-11-25 24915 md5: b488d341baddf874e3e3d9aaff24a9cf
sha1: 40c06f2577dbecaacbe39fdad77a2bd7114f8834
diffs-lua-5.3.1-lua-5.3.2-rc1.html 2015-11-18 161412 md5: 78886e9eccf512b87ac4994c82140d80
sha1: 4daa063287918add756a67531eb0cf16f4400993
diffs-lua-5.3.1-lua-5.3.2-rc1.txt 2015-11-18 97363 md5: 0a89234eaf35600763ad7180f3de3bf4
sha1: eaffe92218c7e83933c0b7a5e851ed3ab5dd3fdc
diffu-lua-5.3.1-lua-5.3.2-rc1.html 2015-11-18 224656 md5: 9e96a74b4441950d5a5477a719e83b1c
sha1: 0495fa928f34ee6d8de587f9fde8da729394d5af
diffu-lua-5.3.1-lua-5.3.2-rc1.txt 2015-11-18 159195 md5: b85dda00f831ad9254a517125d7df7d7
sha1: 23a19f55e7cbaa16db46a275424b3a5e1ec7449c

Latest releases

Lua 5.3.1 was released on 17 Jun 2015. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.3.

Lua 5.2.4 was released on 07 Mar 2015. It is a bug-fix release of Lua 5.2.

Lua 5.3.0 was released on 12 Jan 2015. It is the first release of Lua 5.3.

Get a copy of these releases here.