Lua Showcase

Lua is used in many products and projects around the world. Here are some highlights. A different selection is shown every day.

Wikipedia Celestia VLC LÍVE
Wikipedia uses Lua as its template scripting language. Read the announcement. Celestia is a real-time 3D visualization of space that can be scripted with Lua. The widely used VLC media player is scriptable in Lua. LÍVE is a free framework for making 2D games in Lua.
Cisco Nmap Blackmagic Fusion LuaTeX
Cisco IP Cameras can be controlled using Lua. Nmap, a popular tool for network discovery and security auditing, is scriptable with Lua. Blackmagic Fusion, a post-production image compositing software used extensively in the movie industry, uses Lua as one of its embedded scripting languages. LuaTeX, the engine behind most modern installations of TeX, uses Lua as its embedded scripting language.